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Probate services

Crescent Estate Planning deal with estate administration in the Alfreton area


Taking care of the estate

We will ensure everything is handled as you would wish

When a person passes on, it becomes necessary to administer their estate, ensuring that the individuals and organisations named in their will receive the bequest that was left for them. This is, of course, a deeply difficult time for the family and loved ones of the deceased, and sympathetic and practical assistance can go a long way. At Crescent Estate Planning we aim to offer just that, providing probate services tailored to the needs of the individual estate. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.


How can Crescent Estate Planning help?

What our expert probate services includes

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Full estate administration services

If you prefer that we handle the administration of the estate in its entirety, we are more than willing to undertake this work for you. We will handle things with the sympathetic and accurate approach for which we are known, ensuring that all instructions within the will are carried out properly and in full. Call today to learn more about this service.

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Probate services built around you

Some clients simply wish us to handle the application for Grant of Probate, ensuring that the executors of the estate can proceed with administering the estate and following the instructions within the deceased’s will. We are happy to take care of this, completing the application quickly and efficiently, and with no hassle for the executors.

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Handling inheritance tax for you

It is essential that inheritance tax is handled properly to avoid unpleasant dealings with HMRC further down the line. We will calculate the value of the estate, ensure that all appropriate deductions are made to avoid more tax being paid than is due, and ensure that all monies owed in tax are paid promptly. Talk to us about your needs and let us help you.

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Get probate advice

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Probate issues can be challenging if you are not used to dealing with such things. At Crescent Estate Planning, we aim to take away all the stress and frustration that can accompany dealing with probate and the administration of a loved one’s estate. Please call today for expert advice and practical assistance.


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For further information regarding our probate services, please contact Crescent Estate Planning today. We serve clients in Alfreton and across the local area.