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Make sure your estate is handled appropriately

Many people believe that estate planning is simply a matter of ensuring you have a valid will in place. While this is an essential part of the process, there is so much more to plan for. From Powers of Attorney to ensure decisions are made by the right people if you should become incapacitated, to the setting up of trusts, there is a great deal to consider. As experts in the field, Crescent Estate Planning can help make sure you have the right measures in place. Let us offer you the peace of mind that comes with proper planning.

While we have always been happy to offer all face to face consultations, we had to adapt with the onset of Covid. However, as a result of this and completing video and telephone consultations to suit clients requirements, we have been able to extend the normal service area to cover all regions of England and Wales.  We are still able to offer face to face consultations to clients in our immediate area.   We work on a no up-front fee basis, requesting payment only on approval of the draft documents.

Please note that you have a 14-day cooling off period. Full terms and conditions will be supplied at the time of your consultation, or provided on request.

What can Crescent Estate Planning offer?

Wills and More

Did you know that there are many life events that can render your existing will void? If things have changed, then your will may be challenged if it is not updated before you pass on. We can ensure your will is kept up to date and accurate. We also offer a range of other vital legal services to ensure your estate planning needs are met.

Probate services

Probate is the process by which your estate is distributed in the event of your death. It includes making sure that the people you wish to inherit from you do so, and that the distribution is carried out in an orderly and straightforward manner. At Crescent Estate Planning, we are able to provide a probate service that is simple, accurate, and sympathetic to the delicacy of the situation, via our affiliated provider.

Our Clients’ Views

We rely on our reputation, and we’re proud to say that much of our business comes from clients recommending us to friends and family. We have collated a few testimonials from existing clients on our website, but if you’d like to learn more about who we are and why we’re the right choice for you, we welcome enquiries. Please feel free to contact us today.

Professional Legal Services

We are fully trained and appropriately accredited.

We are qualified members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers and the Society of Will Writers and have been accepted as an Affiliate Member of STEP, an IoP Associate CILEX member, a member of Institute of Paralegals and an Independent member of the BEST Foundation. Whilst the Will writing sector is not currently regulated by government legislation, we have ensured that our services are as regulated as possible, by being qualified members, (by examination and experience), of the listed professional associations. For more information about our qualifications and professional accreditations please contact us.