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Why do I need a will, I do not own a house.

Without a valid will in place, your estate would be dealt with under the intestacy rules, which means your estate may not be dealt with as you wish.

If I have appointed executors, why do I need attorney's

The appointing of any executors and trustees are within your will and they can only act upon your death. Appointing attorneys, enables them to deal with your affairs, if you are unable to do so whilst you are alive.

If I have a will do I still need probate.

Making a will does not automatically prevent the need for probate to be obtained following your death. There are many reasons that probate will be required.

I am married so everything goes to my spouse and they can decide who gets what.

Even if you are married, everything would not automatically pass to your spouse and potentially, dependant upon other factors, your estate may be subject to an inheritance tax payment,